• I make people happy...

    Yuri Kulikovich is a well-known person in Dnepropetrovsk, primarily as a doctor, but more recently he also became known as an active and innovative photographer. These two personalities organically intersect in his work, because the art is known to have a beneficial impact on human health. When you enter Doctor Kulikovich Clinic you can a lot of pictures on the walls, and everyone who ever got there had understood that his pictures could not be separated from his medical practice. 

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My vision of photography

I've been treating people for 26 years, and for 20 years I've been using electromagnetic waves of different spectra, using the methods of microwave therapy, EHF puncture, electromagnetic resonance therapy, magnetic therapy, laser, color and light therapy. We've had rich experience about the positive impact of color, light and other informational factors on the human body. For the past seven years, I became interested in photography.

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