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Viktoriya Pavlovna Alexeyeva
2012-06-27 08:00:48



I suggest showing this to all the people who:


- allow themselves to enjoy life to its fullest extent;

- take care of their own and their relatives’ psycho-emotional health;

- make their home and working environment more enjoyable;

- want to strengthen relationships with their clients or partners.


In Dnipropetrovsk, about 80 per cent of the local population knows about the Clinic of Doctor Kulikovich. But it was a revelation to me to find out that the doctor creates amazing fine art photographs.

So, I went to the bank, I’m going along the corridor and can’t take my eyes off the nature, depicted in the photographs, hanging on the walls. When looking at the photos, I had a tickling sensation that I was being given something I lacked so much. And while I was admiring the photos, I was filling up with something serene and joyous, as if I wasn’t in a bank, but somewhere outside.

The security man was already looking at me with suspicion, but I didn’t want to leave the corridor. My visit to the bank was a success, though I only have faint recollections of what I was doing there. What I do remember is a feeling of joy and some airiness radiated by the photos. At that moment, I didn’t know that I had some problems with my heart. But, nature, the universe and God knew about that and through these photos were filling me with the oxygen I needed so much.

When leaving the bank, I found out who the author was and was really surprised. Their creator is a doctor, who makes professional photographs. After a while, while thinking everything over, I realized that the fine art cameraman is actually a DOCTOR, treating people through his photos.

Some time passed, I got a new job and there saw 2 fine art photographs by Doctor Kulikovich. It was a photo of a sunlit poppy field and I put it in my room. It gave me vibrant energy. At that time, I worked with other people. I needed energy, power, inspiration to share it with other people and lead people to reach company objectives, and the photo helped me a great deal.

The second picture depicted an endless sea and clear sky. I hung it in the big room where my staff worked. The sea is a symbol of development. This symbol motivated people to strive for self-development. After some time, I realized that this photo relaxes me, water washes away negative sensations and tiredness. After difficult meetings, I would go to the room of my employees to enjoy the photo, and get some relaxation.

In a few years, I happened to come to the Clinic of Doctor Kylikovich. Full of surprise and excitement, I was like a small kid with my mouth open wide and a bright smile on my face. My inner self kept changing on every floor and in every wing. My mood was soaring and any thoughts of illness were gradually disappearing. The photos, located on the second floor, reminded me of the greatness of God. Our earth, nature is so beautiful and touchable! The most normal field has such a wide range of colours, so much dignity at sunset or during the day! Your soul rejoices! It turns out that we don’t need that much to bring joy to our souls, to release negative sensations, to be in high spirits, to be optimistic! And all this – without any medicine. The most interesting thing is that you don’t need to put in much effort. You just need to talk to the doctor and purchase these or similar fine art photographs.

Yuriy Nikolayevich, thank you very much for the photography exhibition in your clinic. Your love of life and all its aspects passes onto your patients through them. Thank you very much that you see and show the greatness of the Creator in the most ordinary places.

Yuriy Nikolayevich, your photographs carry on the mission of your clinic for drug-free treatment. A person is known to be made up of the body, the spirit and the soul. And I would like to say that your photographs purify and fill, foremost, the spirit and soul.


With gratitude,

Viktoriya Pavlovna Alexeyeva,

The winner of the All-Ukrainian Award “The Woman of the 3rd Millennium, 2008”