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I've been treating people for 26 years, and for 20 years I've been using electromagnetic waves of different spectra, using the methods of microwave therapy, EHF puncture, electromagnetic resonance therapy, magnetic therapy, laser, color and light therapy. We've had rich experience about the positive impact of color, light and other informational factors on the human body. For the past seven years, I became interested in photography.

First of all, photography allows me to extend the sense of beauty and energy of a place you're taking pictures of, and secondly, photography makes it possible to turn off the analytical part of the brain, which is constantly engaged in normal activity, and rest.

After accumulating a certain number of interesting photographs and combining them with a single idea, I made the exhibition at the Historical Museum called "Color Therapy by Dr. Kulikovich."

Why color therapy? Color is an electromagnetic wave of certain spectrum, which affects brain and a whole human body through the eyes. With the help of such influence, certain colors can cure various diseases. The combination of colors on a photo has a comprehensive therapeutic effect, but to make the color curing, one will need a compositional harmony of photographs, which regulates the structure and perception of the person.

At the opening of the exhibition, I noticed a surprising reaction of people whose main emotion was joy. And I realized that this is the joy I felt when photographing, when my hands were shaking and I did not want to leave.

Between the photographer and the viewer there is energy and information communications. If the photographer is thinking how much he will be able to sell the photo for, the audience will feel it. If the photographer feels fear – it is also transmitted through the photograph. If the artist feels positive emotions, the photos will cure by the totality of electromagnetic waves.

Similar reactions and feedback from users I've also seen after my second and third exhibitions. There was one interesting review after a show at the airport "Borispol." A man called me and said he flew in from Italy to bury his father. After the funeral, in critical condition, he saw my photo exhibition, and within 15 minutes his condition harmonized and his inner pain passed in peace. Struck by such effect, this man called me to share his emotions.

As a doctor, treating with electromagnetic fields, I understand at what expense the therapeutic effect of the photos happens, but there is still much mystery and the unknown to modern science. For example, if a man follows his mission, then everything he does will have a corresponding print. My mission is to cure people, and I think it also has an effect on the healing properties of my photos. It's especially well felt by the people with extrasensory abilities. They told me many times that my pictures radiate positive energy.

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